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Q: How do I open the ClickGUI?
A: The default ClickGUI keybind is P. To change this, right click the ClickGUI module and set a bind, or you can use the bind command:
*bind add clickgui
Q: How do I use commands?
A: The default command prefix for chat is asterisk (*). To use chat commands, you must type this prefix before any command you want to type. For a list of commands, type
in the game chat.
Q: How do I use Baritone?
A: If you have Baritone installed, you can control it via chat commands. Baritone's default command prefix is (#). For more help, please refer to the official Baritone documentation.
Q: What is a HWID? / How do I get a HWID reset?
A: RusherHack is linked to your computer hardware using a Hardware ID (HWID) hash. If you change computer parts or switch to a new machine you may need to request a HWID reset. You can request a HWID reset by opening a support ticket, or email [email protected] for assistance.
Q: The game is crashing, how do I fix this?
A: Please send a crash log to [email protected] for assistance.
Q: How do I suggest a new feature or report a bug?
A: Open an Issue on the GitHub issue tracker.
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