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Highlight entities in the world


Entities Mode - (Enum) ShaderBoxCsgoImageColorMode - (Enum) StaticDistanceTargets - Configure the entity types to targetPlayers Self Hostiles Passives Neutrals Vehicles Items Projectiles Others EndCrystals ItemFrames Storages Mode - (Enum) ShaderBoxCsgoImageColorMode - (Enum) StaticDistanceRange Targets Chests EnderChests ShulkerBoxes Barrels Dispensers Furnaces Hoppers Others ItemNames CustomFont Scale Light - Shows what blocks mobs can spawn onLevel - Light level position needs to be atThroughWalls - Show light levels through wallsTunnels Color Shader Settings RainbowGradient Fill - Fill the inside of the objectFilling - (Enum) How the inside of the object should be filledFlatDotsLinesOpacity Outline - Outline the objectWidth Fade - Fade the outlineBox Settings Fill Opacity Outline Width CSGO Settings Thickness Outline Image Settings Scale


  • esp
  • esp <setting> [value]
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