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Modify the game chat


MaxLines - Change the maximum amount of lines that the game chat can have before deleting themPreserve - Don't delete game chat when you leave a serverBackground - Toggle the chat backgroundCustomFont Animations - (Enum) Animate the entry of new chat messagesOffSlide UpSlide RightLength - How long the animation should play forMentions Friends Highlight Text Formatting - (Enum) BlackDark BlueDark GreenDark AquaDark RedDark PurpleGoldGrayDark GrayBlueGreenAquaRedLight PurpleYellowWhiteBoldStrikethroughUnderlineItalicBackground Color Sound IgnoreSelfMsgs NameProtect - Redact your name from game-chatStripBlankLines


  • extrachat
  • extrachat <setting> [value]
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