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Break blocks faster


Mode - (Enum) NormalPacketSpeed Delay - Ticks between destroying blocksInstamine - Instantly mine some blocks that normally wouldn't beTPSSync - Syncs mining to the server TPSGrim - Grim bypassRaytrace - Prevent mining through wallsRotate - Rotates to the block you are currently miningAutoSwitch - Automatically switches to best toolSilent - Switch server side onlyMultiTask Return - Returns to the previous item you were holdingInventory - Pull tools out of inventoryUpdatedNCP - UpdatedNCP adjustmentsInstantRebreak - Instantly break the last block you minedAutoRebreak - Automatically remine the last block you minedQueue - Queue up blocks to be minedPriority - (Enum) NewestOldestClosestCancelCurrent - Cancel the current mining progressDoubleBreak - Breaks multiple blocks at the same timePauseWhileEating Blocks - (Enum) AllBlacklistWhitelistAbort - Bind to abort breakingRender Mode - (Enum) StaticInOutIn OutStartColor EndColor Fill - Fill the boxOutline - Outline the boxWidth - Width of outlineStatic DepthTest - Hide hidden sidesDebug


  • fastbreak
  • fastbreak <setting> [value]
  • fastbreak blacklist add <block>
  • fastbreak blacklist remove <block>
  • fastbreak blacklist list
  • fastbreak blacklist clear
  • fastbreak whitelist add <block>
  • fastbreak whitelist remove <block>
  • fastbreak whitelist clear
  • fastbreak whitelist list
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